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Why and What are the conflicts between quantum theory and general relativity (for gravity)? General Relativity Requires a Continuous (non-fragmented) spacetime that can be curved by the presence of matter. Quantum Mechanic requires things needs to be Fragmented or quantized. If Newtonian gravitation theory is so good that you can go to the moon using it, why discard it in favor of new General relativity? If a machine is functioning great then why fix it? List of Weakness or Limitation of Newtonian Gravity The mystery of Inverse-square law. Why Inverse-square? Why not an Inverse-cube? Newtonian Gravity is a “Spooky Instantaneous Action at a Distance” what even Newton said he had no idea what it is that way and how. He just gave an equation that gives the force of gravity and factors that determine the force. Einstein’s first theory (1905) said that cannot be a “Spooky action at a distance” instantaneously because it will undermine his own special theory of relativity. Because based on his special theory of relativity, nothing can move faster than light, so newton’s gravity has to go away because based on Newtonian Gravity, it works instantaneously. Bodies are connected by Gravity, to begin with, and feel it instantaneously. So It has to go away if Einstein’s theory to survive. Then after working with and taking help from my hidden friends, he finally formulated the General Theory of Gravity to make both of his own theories “internally consistent”. That’s how Newtonian gravity fell out of favor. Quantum theory is Digital. General Relativity is Analogue. Quantum theory insists it has to be quantized of fragmented or like a packet. General Theory Insist, it has to be continuous. New Theory of Gravity: Loop Quantum Gravity Why it is not proven yet. What is Graviton? What are a Gravitational Feild and Gravitational Wave? Rigorous Logical contradiction against measuring gravitation curvature: If there is a straight line where spacetime is already curved, then how can you measure a curvature when there is no concept of a straight line anymore? If you say the gravitational wave is the wave in the space-time fabric itself, then how can you measure it by using a measuring rod that is still inside space and time because it gets distorted along with the same distortion of a gravitational wave if it exists. If you really mean space is empty, then how can a wave exist in nothingness? The Mystery of Galilean Gravity Experiment of Falling object of different mass? The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the force you apply in a gravitationally neutral environment. Based on the Newtonian theory of gravity: gravitational force is also the proportion to the mass. So larger mass should feel a larger gravitation force but in carefully done experiments, both feather and metal ball fall at the same rate/time So Gravitational acceleration/force might be mass-independent! All it depends on gravitational curvature created by Earth itself. (Mass size in itself may not be a crucial factor!) How can you explain Galileo’s Experiment on Falling Bodies? This “Galileo’s Experiment” might be the greatest weakness of the Newtonian gravitational theory. What is Gravity Actually?